Population Dynamics Seminars

Seminars about Quantitative Life-Science and Biophysics
hosted by the group of Rosalind Allen

School of Physics and AstronomyThe University of Edinburgh
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Organised by Marco Mauri

Date (UTC 0) Speaker Title and abstract Suggested reading
22nd January 2021, 15:30
(16:30 Europe Time)
Marco Mauri
The University of Edinburgh
Introduction to the Population Dynamics Journal Club 2021 Internal Meeting
12th February 2021, 15:30
(16:30 Grenoble Time)
Eugenio Cinquemani
Inheritance and variability of kinetic gene expression parameters in microbial cells Inheritance and variability of kinetic gene expression parameters in microbial cells: modeling and inference from lineage tree data
5th March 2021, 15:30
(16:30 Grenoble Time)
Hidde de Jong
Natural and synthetic control of resource allocation in microorganisms Dynamical Allocation of Cellular Resources as an Optimal Control Problem: Novel Insights into Microbial Growth Strategies
12th March 2021, 09:00
(17:00 Perth Time)
Georg Fritz
The University of Western Australia
Breaking antimicrobial resistance with top-down and bottom-up approaches Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
9th April 2021, 17:00
(09:00 San Francisco Time)
Javid Babak
Mycobacterial adaptive translation and mistranslation Publications
16th April 2021, 17:00
(09:00 San Diego Time)
Leonardo Pacciani-Mori
Species coexistence and proteome allocation in competitive microbial communities Constrained proteome allocation affects coexistence in models of competitive microbial communities
23rd April 2021, 15:30
(10:30 Waterloo ON Time)
Matt Scott
University of Waterloo
Physiological characterization of adaptive evolutionary dynamics Readings
21st May 2021, 15:30
(10:30 Boston Time)
Bree Aldridge
Tufts University
Design of combination therapies for tuberculosis Reading 1
Reading 2
28th May 2021, 15:30
(16:30 Osnabrück Time)
Christian Kost
University of Osnabrück
Evolution of metabolic cooperation within microbial communities Reading 1
Reading 2
Reading 3
11th June 2021, 15:30
(16:30 Göttingen Time)
Stefan Klumpp
Göttingen University
Swimming with magnets - Motility of magnetotactic bacteria Single-cell motion of magnetotactic bacteria in microfluidic confinement: interplay between surface interaction and magnetic torque

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